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Male masturbation. It’s a field in which almost every man has a PhD — after all, most men have many years of extensive hands-on experience. What more could you possibly know about jerkin’ the gherkin? Well, actually, you’d be surprised. You see, not all orgasms are created equal and you can make your masturbation sessions way more fun, explosive and satisfying with a male sex toy. To help you expand your repertoire, we’ve put together this Guide to Male Masturbation that will showcase a variety of masturbation aids to get you going. Whether you’re a newbie or an old-hand, we’ve got something here for everyone. Happy masturbating!



What They Are?

A Fleshlight is a male masturbation sex toy that closely resembles a flashlight (it’s meant to be discreet). In the hard outer casing, sits something called a SuperSkin Sleeve. This is a soft and pliable material that feels a lot like human flesh. Designed to look like a vagina, anus or mouth, Fleshlights allow men to penetrate the SuperSkin sleeve to replicate the delicious feelings of sex, oral sex or anal sex.

Who They Are For?

The great thing about the Fleshlight is that everyone can enjoy them. With a wide range of products, there is a Fleshlight for every need imaginable.

How They Work?

The Fleshlight is made of three parts: the removable cap which conceals the fleshy orifice and keeps it clean for future use; the case which holds the removable sleeve; and the adjustable end cap which controls the amount of suction. Remove the front cap, add lube to your penis, insert yourself into the orifice and control the suction by adjusting the end cap. Welcome to orgasm central!

Why You Will Love Them

  • The SuperSkin feels exactly like the real deal.
  • You can select your entry point: vagina, butt or mouth.
  • The SuperSkin heats up when you soak it in warm water.
  • Easy to clean
  • A range of different textures for you to explore and enjoy.

Why Should I Purchase One?

If you like your masturbation to feel like real sex, the Fleshlight is for you. You can also accessorise your play with a wide range of add-ons that will up the ante even more. Try the Fleshlight Shower Mount for sexy shower time, or the Fleshlight Phonestrap Leg Mount for hands-free action.



What They Are?

Believe it or not, vibrators are not just for women. Yep, thanks to the creative geniuses at Adultworld and the like, men can also enjoy the delicious sensations of vibrating sex toys. Take the Manta Male Masturbator, for example. This multi-tasking male stroker (you stroke it up and down your penis) is a fantastic solo toy that doubles up as a couples’ vibrator too. The Cobra 2 is another example of a vibrating masturbator, which will drive you to delicious orgasm.

How They Work

Place the male masturbator over your penis. The massager will provide direct stimulation to the penis head, delivering vibrations to your most sexy zones. If you’re using a stroker like the Manta, you can stroke the vibrator up and down your penis, or also hold it to the most sensitive part of your penis for incredible sensation. The Adultworld Manta can also be used as a couples’ toy during sex or blow jobs.

Who They Are For?

If you want to add a whole new level to your solo or couples’ play, then you’re looking at the right products. Male masturbators are for the more adventurous or experienced men who like trying new things in the bedroom. Some male masturbators are also great for men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). We will look at this more in depth in the ED section below.

Why You Will Love Them

  • Incredible vibrating stimulation
  • Can be used for solo or couples’ play.
  • Easy to use.
  • A variety of different speeds and patterns.
  • Waterproof
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Top quality materials for more realistic sensations

Should I Test It Out?

Add an extra element to your masturbation! Sleeves are fun and feel great, but vibrating toys add a whole new level of pleasure. Choose a male vibrator for extra sensations and more intensity. Also great for men who may suffer from ED.