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Cock Rings 101

Of all sex toys for men, cock rings are perhaps the most popular. Cock rings are functional, fashionable and funky. It’s time to get this adult toy and start enjoying their many benefits. You may have heard of them or seen them. But the question is, have you experienced them? They can give you stronger erections, …

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Nipple Orgasm

Yes, there’s such a thing as a nipple orgasm! It’s when someone is able to climax just from stimulating their nipples. For some it’s easy. For others, it requires a little more work. The truth is that anyone can enjoy nipple play even if you don’t climax from it. It’s sensual, erotic and kinky in every situation. …

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Make Sex More Exciting

Maybe it was a rough year. Or maybe your sex life has just dwindled a little after a long winter. Whatever the cause, you may be feeling a bit behind in your sexual journey. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that there are some awesome things you can do to revitalise and reignite your sex …

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Benefits Of Sex Toys

While sex toys bring pleasure, it also brings with it a variety of health benefits too, not only for solo fliers but relationships as well. With the wide variety of sex toys out there, you can be guaranteed to find something that works for you. Below are just a few of the health benefits that sex …

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